Hannah + Keanu | Kahana Bay Engagement Session | Hawaii Wedding Photographer

If you follow me on Instagram, or if you’ve followed my blog posts in the past, you know that I absolutely love this couple. We met on a shoot about a year ago. Hannah is a photographer and videographer herself (check out her work HERE), so we naturally began to work together on weddings and shoots.

Then I asked her to do the video for my wedding. We were blown away. To this day, I watch it and it brings me to tears (you can check that out HERE). But I was BEYOND excited when earlier this year, Keanu proposed to Hannah. I nearly cried with excitement. Okay, I think I actually cried.

Their wedding will be in June of this year, and I have the amazing privilege of being the photographer for it. But in the meantime, we wanted to get some engagement sessions in. Because why not?

I’ve been wanting to shoot at Kahana Bay for a while. There’s something so special about this place. The light is so soft and pretty. The water right next to the green mountains is unparalleled. And it’s usually pretty empty. We were blessed this day for all of those elements to be working together perfectly.

What’s awesome about these pictures is seeing all the sides of this couple: quirky, fun, weird, but always beautiful. So much love for these two! Hope you guys enjoy!