Chrissie + Josh | Prince Hotel, Hana Koa Brewing Company Wedding | Hawaii Wedding Photographer

Where to start with this one… I did Chrissie and Josh’s engagement session a while back. I was so excited to do their wedding. But I had no idea it would be like THIS. As I mentioned in the engagement session blog post, Josh was a classmate back at Kamehameha Schools. In fact, his mom was actually my 4th grade teacher (I couldn’t stop calling her Mrs. Kopp when I was at the wedding). So I was already so excited to be shooting this couple - so much meaning.

Then we called a few months before the wedding to talk details and Chrissie said their reception was going to be at their new brewery. A brewery?! I had no idea they were making a NEW BREWERY. I was even more stoked. Then I went to visit the brewery. My jaw dropped. I didn’t realize how BIG this place was - how amazing the design was. This is a place I’d love to visit just BECAUSE. And now someone I know is the owner! Their company is called Hana Koa Brewing Co. It’s absolutely amazing and you guys must check it out.

But here you’ll get a sneak peek, because although the construction wasn’t fully done, they had all 200 people in their brewery… at the same time… for their reception celebration…. and it was a BLAST. The whole wedding was truly a blast. Chrissie and Josh exude adventure and fun - just like the theme behind their company. You’ll see their joy in every photo. One of my favorite parts of the day is when we randomly showed up to a beer festival down the street. Chrissie and Josh knew the event was happening - they were invited. But they couldn’t go because… well… it was their wedding day. Instead, they spontaneously asked the limo driver to stop by the event so they could grab a quick drink, say hey, then leave. And it was AMAZING.

One of my favorite weddings to date. Hope you enjoy!

(Oh, and be sure to check out the comic book Chrissie made documenting her love story with Josh. To date, one of the best pre-wedding gifts I’ve ever seen. And Josh LOVED it.)

2nd shooter: Hannah Selby