Tiffanie + Brett | Imperial Sand Dunes, California | Los Angeles Engagement Photographer

Tiffanie came to me and said she wanted to do something unique. She wanted a sandy feel, but something epic. Big. The first thing that came to mind was the Imperial Sand Dunes. I had known about this place in Southern California since hearing some of Star Wars was filmed there (excuse me geekiness). But I wasn't sure if that's something Tiffanie and Brett would be into. And it's a VERY long ride from LAX. 

Yet of course, what was the first place she recommended? Yep. The Imperial San Dunes. Two weeks later we found ourselves heading down to the California border to snap these photos. And boy, oh boy, were we happy we did. 

I love this couple so much. They are such a blessing in my life. To this day, one of my favorite shoots.