Mikaela + Jon | Honolulu, Hawaii | Hawaii Couples Photographer

You ever visit someone’s house and just can’t pick your jaw up from the floor? Like, you keep thinking, “Dude, this is the craziest house I’ve ever seen.” And then you turn the corner and it’s all, “Okay, this is REALLY the craziest house.” Well, this was something like that. This apartment complex that Mikaela and Jon live in is pretty incredible. But that’s not what we live for, is it? The house, the money, material gain? Well it happens that their character also is simply incredible.

Mikaela helps women dealing with sexual abuse. Jon works in solar but also has just created a protein powder for diabetics since he also is one. Capturing these two was such a joy and I hope you can see the beauty of both their house and their character in these photos. So much love for them!