Aloha all,

I believe in the power of storytelling. We all have a story. Here's a bit of mine...

My name is Chris Kekaniokalani Bright and I'm a photographer and filmmaker based in Hawaii. I attended Kamehameha School in Honolulu for thirteen years, kindergarten through 12th grade. They call us “lifers.” I went on to study film and music at Chapman University.

After KICKSTARTING a campaign to raise $23,000, I brought together my best friends in college to create my very first short film TSURU. We were blessed to have it premiere at several film festivals across the country, to include the San Jose International Film Festival, Sedona International Film Festival, and Orlando Film Festival.

Soon after, I began a new job at Walt Disney Animation Studios. I had the ultimate privilege of getting to work on the film "Moana." To this day, I think of that as one of the highlights of my life.

Since then I’ve been working on several film projects. My script CONVICTION helped me get onto the 2018 Black List - Hollywood’s best screenplays of the year. It also got me onto the 2018 Young and Hungry List as well as the 2018 Hit List.

I also have another life passion...


My Love for Photography

Back when I was growing up, my grandfather would take a camera everywhere with us on family vacations. At the end of each trip, he'd put together a massive scrapbook of hundreds of images. I always thought there was something so beautiful about this;  finding a way to capture candid, timeless moments we could cherish forever. In many ways, I believe he planted the seed.

I got my first professional camera at 19-years-old from my parents. I began to tinker with it, taking pictures of my travels much like my grandfather. It wasn't until I started shooting portraits of friends and family that I discovered my passion for collaborating with others. I found such happiness in helping people feel at ease in front of the camera, breaking down the wall between lens and subject so their personalities could shine through.

I began to do editorial work for several modeling agencies in Los Angeles. But my real joy was in shooting the celebration of romantic relationships. There is something truly special about capturing the sacred devotion of marriage. If I could be a part of that, I wanted in. 

And that’s what I’m trying to do. Yes, to photograph loving couples, but more importantly, to create heirlooms that last forever.

I'm trying to bring all my experience together from the various disciplines I've studied to create a beautiful story of your relationship through images. Photography is more than just capturing moments. That’s part of it, but as the great Ansel Adams said, “You don't take a photograph, you make it.” It's all the work that goes into it. It's the preparation, the detailed execution, and the compassion with which it's realized. That’s what I want to do for you. That’s what I love.

Let’s work together to make your photos.

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"Chris was such a delight to work with, and my wife is in love with our pictures! He was just so personable and down to earth that I was surprisingly comfortable and we were able to get a lot of great shots. My wife and I had a great time, and the whole experience is a fond memory of our marriage. I would use Chris again indefinitely and would highly recommend him to anyone."

Kyle and jayde